A New Beginning

Mansion Teodolinda started operations in March, 1993 with only seven rooms. In 25 years we have growth to 52 rooms. The dynamics of the hotel industry changed radically in that time. At the beginning of the nineties there were many protocol houses from different government and non government entities, as a solution of the hotel rooms deficit. By the end of the nineties 4 hotels opened at the same time under international brand names in Managua. Our guests at the beginning of the nineties had a typical stay of 10 nights, for the year 2000 the typical stay was 2.5 days. From having fax reservations, we move to integrate online travel agencies channels from international platform.

We were outstanding on energy efficiency and good environmental practices. Experience that we shared with the Small Hotel of Nicaragua Association (HOPEN) and with Nicaraguan Hotel Association (ASHONIC) as a way to improve the competitiveness of the sector, which in turn is beneficial for are players. We were invited by Green Funds program from different banks to share our cases as a success.

The current situation of the country has forced us to close our operation by the end of May. It was a hard blow for us, and even harder for our collaborators. Reservation were being canceled at an accelerated pace every day until we have no guests at all.

Our distinction was to offer studio apartments, where in one space we have the room, an working area and small kitchen. Now we offer these luxury spaces as apartment or offices. We think, somehow, there will be a movement within the rental contracts y we can find some people interested in space with all basic services included. At the same time we can offer our lobby and business center as a flexible work space. We hope that with these proposal we can provide services with our available infrastructure. Will be this the future of Mansión Teodolinda? Will we offer hotel services in the future?